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Photo by Rae Marcel


Photo by Rae Marcel

School Yard Romance for a DePauw University Wedding

Dave and Katie came from a long line of Depauw alum and the University meant a lot not only to both of their families, but also to their relationship. They met there and spent many nights at the best local bars and eats, so it only made since to tie the knot in Meharry Hall on campus. For this couple, their love was bigger than DePauw’s rivalry to Wabash College. Read on see to see how this couple pulled together a beautiful DePauw University wedding day!

Lisa Norris Events, Planner & Coordinator at Wedding at DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana

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The couple choose to host their ceremony at campus’s historic MeHarry Hall. Their reception was held just adjacent on campus at The Inn at DePauw. Every detail allowed guests to experience the beautiful Greencastle campus!


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Surrounded by memories, the couple invited all their college friends back to their alma mater to celebrate – with a few extra surprise appearances. Their favorite bartender from the college watering hole, The Fluttering Duck, was their celebrity bartender for the evening. Although it was complete happenstance, it just reinforced everything was meant to be! Those late night dancing guests were fueled by DePauw’s famed late snack snack of Marvin’s GCB (aka garlic cheeseburgers). This Depauw University wedding was one of the books!

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If there is anything this couple can teach all the other brides and grooms out there, it’s to keep the humor alive, remember where you came from, look forward to where you’re going and to always root for your alma mater! 

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Blog Author: Kyli Penrod  //Photography: Sarah Kriner Photography //Venue: Meherry Hall at DePauw & The Inn at DePauw //Florist: Eitel’s Florist //Planner: Lisa Norris Events