How to (Gracefully) Deal with a Rainy Wedding Day

“Don’t like the weather? Just wait a few minutes and it will change!” – Indiana 

Planning an outdoor wedding can be worrisome with Indiana’s unpredictable weather.
For Cody & Caitlin’s rainy
wedding day, they took it all in stride, and even with a smile. 

Should rain clouds threaten your wedding, here are some tips on how to salvage that perfect day. 

Embrace Plan B 

This tip is about mindset, but also about logistics and practicality. It’s not nice (or practical) to have your guests
sitting on wet seats or in a rainstorm, even if an outdoor ceremony is what you have been dreaming of all year.
Your happy, dry, warm guests will thank you!

Gather your Gear 

Find out if your planner or photographer has clear umbrellas (we carry them for our couples!) They are much
easier to forgive in photos – and actually make for great props. Offering a basket of guest umbrellas is also a nice gesture.

You also might want to consider rain boots. They can even be super cute white rain boots – or matching
bridal party boots (great bridal party gifts, by the way!)


Lead by Example 

If you are bummed about your rainy wedding day, your guests will notice your energy, and they will be
bummed too. So, live it up on your wedding day! Embrace every moment!

Consider a Change of Attire 

Whether your plan is to tear it up on the dance floor, or just to visit with guests all night, you may want to
consider a costume change on a rainy day. If you’ve braved the elements to take your photos, you may have
a damp heavy gown on your body, and that’s not fun for a 10-12 hour day. Consider a short dress or a jumpsuit.

At the end of your wedding day, here’s what you will remember: all your loved ones in the same room,
how it felt, how fast the whole day went by, and how happily exhausted you are. You won’t remember the rain.
I promise.

Planning your special day? We’d love to help!