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Photo by Rae Marcel


Photo by Rae Marcel

Wedding Emergency Kit Essentials

There are so many tasks leading up to your wedding day, that it’s easy to forget about one of the most crucial things on your to-do list: making a plan for on-the-day emergencies! Unfortunately, wardrobe malfunctions, makeup disasters, headaches and blisters do happen, even on your wedding day, so it’s worth putting aside some time to compile a little survival kit. That way, if you break a nail or lose a button, you can relax in the knowledge that you’ve got everything you need to get it sorted. And we’ve made it even easier with this post, which features a checklist of things to include in your wedding day emergency kit. All you have to do is grab a pretty cosmetic bag or tote and get packing, or ask one of your bridesmaids to do it for you!

At Lisa VanHorton Weddings, we have provide an extensive emergency kit for both guys and gals. We also find ourselves wearing a small crossbody or waist apron filled with essentials for quick requests. We’ve got you covered!

Depending on if you are wedding pro or wedding party attendant, the size of your wedding day emergency kit can vary. In the past, I have used a rolling makeup organizer which also held my wedding planner’s toolkit. This is ideal for large or DIY weddings. For those other simpler weddings, I sufficed with a small toolbox to place in each couple’s suite.

Bridal Emergency Wedding Kit

Here are my favorite items to include in the bridal emergency kit, listed in order of the most used:

  1. Shout wipes. These are my favorite, no fail stain removers for grass, dirt, makeup and wine!
  2. Crochet hook. These handy tools are excellent for catching button loops or bustle threads. Be sure to look for 5mm or smaller, or grab a variety kit.
  3. Pre-threaded sewing kits. Let’s be real, no one has time to thread a needle when you’re in a hurry to fix a fashion emergency. These pre-threaded sewing kits are wonderful!
  4. Safety pins. I love these black and white pins by Singer!
  5. Medicines. A variety of Tylenol, Antacid, Pepto Bismol, Benadryl, etc.
  6. Bandaids & Neosporin ointment
  7. Spray deodorant
  8. Hairspray & bobby pins
  9. Feminine hygiene products
  10. Extra earrings. Quite a few times a bridesmaid (or bride!) have forgotten their earrings. These inexpensive replacements can save the day! Extra earring backs are also a great addition.
  11. Faux eyelash glue
  12. Floss picks and Wisps
  13. Portable fan. Everyone will appreciate this on a hot July wedding day!
  14. Fashion and body tape
  15. Heel protectors. For any festivities on grass or a deck with slants, it can be a nightmare for women wearing high heels. These can save the day!
  16. Static Guard
  17. Baby powder

Groom Emergency Wedding Kit

Don’t forget about those men! Here are my favorite items not included above to consider for the groom’s emergency day:

  1. Black socks. The ease of renting a suit is great until you forgot to pack some black socks!
  2. Hair gel & comb
  3. Disposable Gillete razor
  4. Lint roller
  5. Velvet jewelry bags. These are great for the Best Man to carry rings rather than a bulky ring box that will show in photos!
  6. Extra boutonnière pins
  7. Playing cards. Many times I’ve been asked for playing cards for the groom’s suite.
  8. Extra black shoe laces

Wedding Planner Tool Kit

As a professional wedding planner I encounter a variety of situations on wedding day. From hanging signs to keeping items from blowing in the wind, I have my own wedding planner toolkit. I have found this professional backpack as the perfect organizer to keep my tools. I am also currently eyeing the Zuca beauty bags to upgrade, but they are a quite the investment. For now, the backpack is a hands-free way to transport my necessities.

Here’s a few of my favorite items:

  1. Magnetic hooks. These are a lifesaver to hang items from magnetic arches to beams.
  2. Portable charger.
  3. Sting Stick. If you are having an outdoor wedding or photos outside (especially in the fall!), bee stings can happen.
  4. Single use super glue. Let’s face it, super glue can be messy so these single use tubes are perfect. One and done!
  5. Earthquake putty. This stuff is amazing! Is it windy outside? Place a dab of putty under decor, frame, vase or sign and it will stay put!
  6. Scissors (lots!) They tend to disappear therefore I carry a few pairs with me.
  7. Zippered jewelry organizer. I put a sample of medicines, bobby pins, safety pens and more in this compact organizer. Roll up and place in my wedding planner’s toolkit bag for easy access onsite.
  8. Portable steamer.
  9. Torch lighter. This is excellent for sparkler sendoffs and lights much quicker than a stick lighter.
  10. Hot glue gun, as well a variety of tapes & adhesives
  11. Extension cord
  12. White or clear umbrellas
  13. Twine/fishing line
  14. Command hooks
  15. Paper towels. Dry off those bridesmaid bouquets or small spills!
  16. Chalkboard pens. To touch up those signs!
  17. Nice pens for guest book
  18. Tools: Screwdriver, wire cutter, etc.

I also keep a few spare items in case they are forgotten, such as a flower girl basket and small compact table top easels, in my bag.

As you may have guessed, I am a bit of an over-planner (over-packer)! However having these tools at my fingertips can create a seamless and less stressful day for the wedding party. You can never be too prepared! Setting up your initial wedding day emergency kit can be an investment, but the couple will thank you! For a full list of my favorite products, click here.