Incorporating Masculine Wedding Details

Whether you’re planning a same-sex wedding, have a groom with impeccable style or just because men deserve to be represented in wedding planning, we have gathered up some masculine wedding details to incorporate in your wedding design. I love nothing more than meeting a groom who is not afraid to share his thoughts and opinions and sneak some masculine and quirky personality into what’s been pinned as a female-focused event. Because of this revelation (and lack of overall inspiration), here is some inspiration to infusing the perfect masculine wedding touch to help bring balance to your wedding.

Cigar & Bourbon Bar

There is nothing more manly than cigars and whiskey or bourbon! Having those items in a lounge atmosphere for guests to relax and have some fun is a perfect way to infuse a masculine touch into the reception.

Groom Style

Since accessories like his boutonniere, cufflinks, and dress socks are part of a man’s fashion on the big day, it’s important for these accessories to show his personality and more often than not, his humor! In fact, one of our 2018 weddings wore superhero cufflink and tees. We’ve also seen some unique patterned ties, custom jackets and personalized jacket liners. Doing something as non-traditional as this allows opportunity for the groom’s input in having a unique masculine wedding touch to call his own.

Groom’s Cake

Probably one of the most noticed additions in recent years for an easy and fun masculine wedding detail has been the groom’s cake. This cake should always reflect the groom and either his hobbies or personality. For custom specialty cakes, I highly recommend Moist Cake Co. or Simply Patisserie.

Color & Texture

One of the easiest ways to balance out the feminine vs. masculine feel of the reception is to consider adding a masculine textures and colors to the design. Adding textures like leather, wood, metal and earthy details adds a perfect touch of sophistication.

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