FAQs To Include on Your Wedding Website

Creating a wedding website has become a MUST for engaged couples! Wedding websites are essentially the hub for all things involving your big day. For those who are new to creating a web page, the process can seem a touch intimidating. Luckily, sites like Zola.com, TheKnot.com and WithJoy.com make it super easy to create your wedding website.

From your love story to your registry, your guests have everything they need to stay in the loop and get excited about attending. But, what information should you include? Read on for answers to these common wedding website questions, as well as tips for making your website the best it can be. 

Tips for a Great Wedding Website

Make your website easily searchable by purchasing a custom URL. They are relatively inexpensive and save your guests from having to remembering a long URL or filtering through all the search results to find it. Plus, it looks classy! Some fun ideas (for a fictional couple, Sam and Jane) would be SamandJane.com, SamandJane2022.com, SamandJaneGetMarried.com. The options are limitless, but be sure to keep it short and sweet.

Everyone loves a good wedding hashtag. It gathers all posts about your wedding in one spot, and is a fun way for your guests to interact. If you are planning on using a hashtag, let your guests know by incorporating it somewhere on your site!

FAQ’s To Include

This is a common question I hear from couples. Since this an easily accessible resource for your guests take advantage of the platform to share all your key details. Beside the obvious info such as ceremony address, date and start time, these FAQs below are also helpful to include on your wedding website.

Are kids welcome?

Wedding websites are a great opportunity to set some expectations with your guests around delicate topics like kids. You’ll want to phrase this tactfully on your wedding website FAQs. For example:

“As much as we love your little ones, this will be an adults-only celebration. We hope this advance notice means you’re able to let your hair down and celebrate with us on the day!”

“Unfortunately, our venue is unsuitable for children under 16. We hope this will allow you a much-deserved night off to celebrate with us!”

“We welcome you to an adults-only reception at XYZ to celebrate our nuptials. We hope you’ll join us!”

Can I bring a plus one?

Similarly, you can also use your wedding website FAQs to address the issue of plus ones. Again, you’ll want to phrase this in a polite, tactful way. You may want to include details regarding your venue or budget restrictions to take the emotion out of it. Keep it short and sweet with a statement like: 

“Unfortunately, due to venue restrictions, we are unable to accommodate plus ones. We appreciate your understanding!”

“We are at capacity with our venue which means we are sadly unable to accommodate additional guests. We look forward to celebrating with you on the day!”

What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

Setting some kind of dress code – whether formal or relaxed – will help your loved ones choose a suitable outfit for the day. Nobody wants to feel over or underdressed! 

If you have a specific dress code in mind (such as “smart casual”, “cocktail” or “black tie”), be sure to specify this on your wedding website FAQs. Even if you aren’t setting a strict dress code, you should still include any relevant details that will help your guests feel comfortable on the day. 

For example: “Our reception will be taking place on a grassy field, so ladies, please keep this in mind when choosing your footwear!” or “Please note, our ceremony will be held outside, so we’d recommend bringing a jacket to keep warm!”

What events will the couple be hosting?

From the days leading up to your wedding to the official send-off, let your guests know what events are scheduled! These can include rehearsal dinner, welcome reception, after party and/or a day after brunch. Be sure to include the start and end times, who is invited (family-only, all guests, etc.), details about the activities, the addresses, and the appropriate dress codes for each event.

Where should guests park?

Will there be a valet service, a parking lot or a parking garage? If your party will be in a downtown area, this information is especially helpful. Posting a photo of the exterior of the venue is a great way for guests be familiar with their destination. Is Uber recommended? Or is Uber NOT recommended due to venue being in a rural location? Alternatively, if you’ve organized buses for your guests, make sure you communicate the pickup locations and times for both pick-up and drop-off.


Speaking of a transportation pickup location, many couples will reserve hotel blocks in a specific hotel as a hub for their friends and family to stay and gather. If doing so, give clear instructions on how to take advantage of your discounted room rates, list the hotel address and contact info, and link to the hotel website(s) so guests can easily book.

The Bottleworks Hotel; downtown Indianapolis

Do you have a gift registry?

Whether you’re opting for a wishing well, online registry, charity donations or no gifts whatsoever, your wedding website FAQs is a great place to communicate these details with your guests. An example could be:
“Your presence at our wedding is present enough! However, for friends and family who have expressed an interest, we’ve created an online registry with (store name) here:”


Are you ready to bring your wedding vision to reality?