How to Wear A Veil With Your Wedding Hairstyle

Once you’ve decided on your bridal hairstyle, it’s time to decide how to wear a veil (if you’ll be wearing one). While veils are a classic bridal accessory, there’s more to them than simply throwing a piece of tulle over your head. One detail that many brides forget to plan is how they will wear their veil.  First, you should research which veil style works best for your dress style.

Graphic by Curvy Rose

Secondly, you’ll need to think about how to pair it with your hairstyle. Your wedding hairstylist will be able to give you some pointers at your trial. Whether you’re wearing your hair down, styling an updo, or wearing a half up half down style, there are different ways to add in this key bridal accessory. 

Photo by Alison Mae Photo; Venue: Lindley Farmstead at Chatham Hills

How to wear a veil with an updo

With a bridal updo, brides can either wear the veil over or under the updo. For a more casual look, the veil can be placed underneath at the nape of the neck. This method of wearing your veil is becoming more and more popular. It is also especially striking for low-backed dresses as you are creating a lovely visual “gap” between your veil and the low back of your dress.

The most traditional way to wear a veil with your low updo is just on top of your bun, at the crown of your head. If your wedding gown has higher neckline – or if you are wanting a veil that goes over your face, then this style is definitely recommended. However, one con is that this placement can hide some of the intricacies of your updo. Many brides have elaborate braids, curls and twists that are incorporated in their hair, and the veil can obscure some of these details.

How to wear a veil with your hair half up

The half up, half down hairstyles are effortlessly romantic and can look gorgeous with a veil or without one. This free-flowing hairstyle looks beautiful with spaghetti strap or strapless dresses or even a beach or boho feel.

It is always a good idea to use bobby pins that match your hair color and include your veil in your hair trial before the big day to make sure it works with your hair and feels comfortable. Planning ahead on how to wear a veil will be key to getting your look right and photographed beautifully!