Wedding Unity Ceremony Inspiration

A unity ceremony is one of the most beautiful parts of the overall ceremony because it is a visual symbol of two lives coming together as one. From lighting a candle to creating a love letter time capsule, couples are finding sweet and sentimental ways to make the unity ceremony their own. We’ve seen some truly creative unity ceremony inspiration over the years, so here are a few of our favorites!

Lighting of the Unity Candle

This tradition is probably the most well-known ceremony aspect that symbolizes unity. The bride and groom each hold a lit candle and combine their flames to light a third, larger candle.

Tree or Plant Ceremony

This creative nature-inspired idea is to plant a tree or plant together, adding soil (perhaps gathered from both of your hometowns) or water to a pot to symbolize your union. Together you can see the tree grow just as your love and married life does, and you must nurture it in order to keep it alive. Like the plant, your relationship will need love and care to grow and bloom.

Photo: Wright Photographs

Cord of Three Strands

“A cord of three strands is not easily broken.” – Ecclesiates 4:12 

The cord of three strands ceremony (also called “God’s Knot”) symbolizes the joining of one man, one woman, and God into a marriage relationship. Each strand of the braid represents the bride, groom, and God and the unending bond and strength between the three. During the ceremony, the groom traditionally holds a ring securing the three strands, while the bride braids them.

Sand Ceremony

A growing favorite wedding trend, a sand ceremony, is a wonderful symbolism of unity. Its meaning is simple and beautiful: two becoming one. The couple mix two different colors of sand into one container (or more if children are included), thereby symbolizing their lives and hearts entwined. Once combined, it would be impossible to separate the sand out again, just as the couple or family are so joined together.

Photo: 2to1 Photo

Love Letter Box

For this unity ceremony inspiration idea the couple write love letters (or vows) to each other, and these are locked in a box with a bottle of wine and some wine glasses. Open it up on a chosen milestone anniversary, share the wine, and read the letters you wrote for each other. Think of this is as a romantic time capsule! Check out these love letter boxes on Etsy!

Paint Ceremony

Another unity ceremony inspiration idea to add a splash of color with a paint ceremony. Artsy couples can each choose a different color of paint and pour it onto a single canvas. Every marriage starts out as a blank canvas and every day is a splash of color.

There will be places on the canvas when the colors blend and mix, flowing together, creating a new color of experiences shared. There will be places when the colors stay separate and stand out alone and independent… yet, still a compliment to the bold color by its side. Each color, contrast, shadow, blend as unique and beautiful as the marriage!

Love Locks

A love lock unity ceremony is exceptionally sweet and a visible metaphor for demonstrating a couples dedication to remaining joined together for life. Some couples choose to throw away (bury, hide, etc.) the keys so the locks can never be unlocked. Most couples choose to have a symbolic toss where they can have a lovely photo opportunity and keep the lock and keys as a memento of their wedding day. There are several different ways this ceremony can be performed. The couple can use a pair of heart locks that they padlock together on a single chair, or the couple can use a simple lock and secure it to a permanent structure.

Photo: Etsy

Ring Warming Ceremony

Ring warming is a great way for guests to be involved in the ceremony. At the start of the ceremony, the rings are passed around to each guest as they “warm” or bless the rings with love and kind thoughts. Once they’ve passed through all the guests’ hands, they go back to the front to be held until it’s time for the couple to exchange rings.

Irish Handfasting Ceremony

This Celtic wedding tradition that involves you and your partner’s hands being tied together by cords or ribbons. The physical act of “tying the knot” is a lovely representation of your commitment to each other. Couples can honor loved ones by incorporating pieces from their own lives – say, a strip of fabric from your mother’s wedding dress or any meaningful material. Some couples will choose to say their vows during this portion of the ceremony as well.

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