Wedding Hair and Makeup Tips

Every bride wants to look beautiful on her big day, which means her hair and makeup has to be on point. And in order to ensure this is to do two things: choose the right artist and the right look. Read on for some helpful wedding hair & makeup tips!

Thanks to Pinterest, finding inspiration for your wedding day style is as easy as ever, but what about those hidden beauty tips no one talks about? How should you prep your hair before styling? Should you wear false eyelashes? This week I’ve connected with bridal makeup artist & hairstylist, Veronica Rogers with Black Swan Beauty for some helpful wedding hair & makeup tips.

How should brides prepare their hair prior to wedding day stying?

“For the big day, I always recommend that brides arrive to their hair styling appoint with clean, dry hair that is free of any product. For me, this allows the hair to be as much of a “blank canvas” as possible. Products function best on clean hair, and there is no risk of trying to counteract another product from the day before. This day is all about making you feel your absolute most beautiful–and most people feel most beautiful with clean hair!”

What are commonly asked questions from your clients?

“There are two questions I get asked more than any others. First, brides inquire about whether to opt for airbrush or traditional makeup. When considering an airbrush or traditional makeup application, the most important thing is to have an idea of what you envision yourself looking like for the big day. Do you envision yourself looking glamorous or done up? Or do you prefer something natural–like someone might look at you and not realize right away that you had makeup on? Knowing the answer to these questions will help us determine the right application for you.”
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“The second question I get asked frequently is if they should wear false lashes. The answer is always a resounding yes! There are a variety of styles from natural to dramatic to complete any desired look, and they enhance your look in photos and the way people view from great distances (this is especially important since the majority of your guests will be looking at you from across the room.) Lashes also add a little extra elegance!”

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What are some overlooked details that brides should remember?

“The most overlooked detail is to brush your teeth before having your makeup done! This seems small, but often times, between the water, the toothpaste and contorting your face, it can disrupt your makeup. This is accentuated especially if you floss or use mouth wash. Take a little extra time before getting your makeup done to use the restroom and brush your teeth–things seem to move pretty quickly once you’re finished getting ready!”

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What other tips can you share with brides?

“The only other tip, is super small, but major! Once your makeup is applied, it is important to avoid touching your face at all costs. Even long-wearing, waterproof, professional grade makeup is not immune to the oils on your hands, which break down and disrupt makeup. If you find yourself tearing up, have tissues ready and be sure to “dab” up any moisture (tears or sweat.) Avoid wiping and scratching at your makeup to ensure it stays perfect all night long. But aside from that, spend as much time as you want looking in the mirror. Soak up every second of your beauty! You should feel your most beautiful, confident self on your wedding. Take the time to enjoy it after all the hard work you put in to this day!”
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