Clever Signature Wedding Cocktail Ideas

Signature cocktails can be a a fun and personal touch for your wedding reception. Whether they are cocktails or (non-alcoholic) “mocktails”, here are are some clever signature wedding cocktail ideas that can be tailored to you.

blushing bride martini

Photo by Alison Stevenson Photography; Illustration by Laura Reilly Calligraphy; Sign by Noteworthy Expressions

Consult Your Bar Provider

First & foremost, you need to verify that your bartender or mixologist is equipped and prepared to make your special drink. Some ingredients may require an up-charge. Similarly, consider the ease of making your drink. Does it require a blender? Does it need to be made in batches? Can they order your special ingredients? These are important logistics to verify with your bartender before you dive in. Looking for a bartender for your event? Contact us for referrals!

Why Limit to One?

Don’t limit yourself to just one signature drink. If the one partner likes vodka and the other prefers tequila, then create a personal cocktail for each. Or consider a wedding-themed bar menu with “something old” (like an Old-Fashioned), “something new” (a unique creation), “something borrowed” (like your favorite drink from a restaurant) and “something blue”(like a drink using Blue Curacao). Along the same lines, you could also offer an alcoholic and non-alcoholic option for guests.


Reflect Your (Drinking) Style

Signature cocktails are not just limited to cocktails. Couples favoring beer or wine only should not despair. Showcase your love of local beers, home brews, wines, and ciders by hosting on-site tastings at stations and beverage pairings for coursed dinners. Not a big drinking crowd? Consider a coffee bar, mocktails or fruity flavored water. Guests will appreciate your creativity and enjoy a refreshing change from the usual.

Make It Personal

Couples use cocktails as a vehicle to deliver a message about their relationship, incorporating, for example, a margarita-inspired drink to denote their first date a local taco restaurant or a cocktail spiked with the same champagne you sipped after he proposed. Or maybe it’s a drink with ties to a hometown or favorite city, such as Indiana’s Sun King Brewery or Oliver Winery.


wedding margarita

Put a Name On It

Now for the fun part—naming your signature cocktail. Even if it’s not a unique recipe, you can still give it a creative name for the occasion. Try incorporating your names, your pet’s name, a play on words or location significant to you. Enlist the imaginations of friends and family if you’re stumped!

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation

Make your signature cocktail stand out by serving it in a unique glass (such as a mason jar or copper mug) or a keepsake glass such as a personalized cup or branded pilsner from your favorite watering hole (hello party favors!) Striped colored straws, fresh fruit or edible flowers  add a unique, whimsical touch.

Give Them a Sign

Once you have the names for your signature cocktails, print them and their ingredients on signage or a menu to make it easy for guests to identify and order each drink. Another great idea is to put the drink’s name and recipe on coasters or cocktail napkins.

min julep sign

Caleb & Kristin’s wedding fell on the same day as the Kentucky Derby so they opted for a Mint Julep drink. (Photo by Stephanie Axtell Photography)

We hope you feel inspired by this clever signature wedding cocktail ideas. Our belief is that no detail is too small! It’s your wedding and your vision – we make it happen! Read more about how we can help you bring your wedding vision to life! 


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