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Photo by Rae Marcel


Photo by Rae Marcel

What Does a Wedding Coordinator Do?


What does a day-of wedding coordinator do?

Wedding coordinators diligently (& happily) work behind the scenes to ensure your day goes smooth.  Regardless of whether or not it’s in our job description, we use our best judgement and instinct to do whatever it takes to make sure that your wishes are carried out and that you will have an amazing wedding day. Many couples ask what does a day of wedding coordinator do? Do these things happen at every wedding? Thank goodness, no! But I’m sharing them because they have happened, and *could* happen, and having a wedding planner on your side to deal with stressful things is an important ingredient for having a great wedding!

What happens behind the scenes?

  1. Bring Emergency Kits including backup toiletries, tools, tape and so much more!
  2. Fix broken shoes, glasses & boutonnieres
  3. Bring shower caps to the salon so the bridal party’s hair doesn’t get wet in the rain on the way to the ceremony
  4. Run to your house to pick up your bridal jewelry that forgot
  5. Have paper towels ready to dry off bridesmaids’ bouquets so their hands don’t get wet
  6. Run to the tux store to switch out the wrong size jacket (I highly recommend that the men try them on before the ceremony!)
  7. Bring extra batteries for your twinkle lights or battery operated candle that you forgot to pack
  8. Move a table under a leaky hole in the tent so the water drips into the centerpiece vase
  9. Make a “rain call” and handle the last minute changes due to weather
  10. Wipe water off outdoor ceremony chairs after a shower comes through right before the ceremony
  11.  Verify the correct number of seats are each table & double check with seating chart & place cards
  12. Alphabetize your escort cards before setting on welcome table
  13. Level uneven & wobbly tables
  14. Parking, parking, parking! We can help you hire a parking attendant and ensure that a prime spot is reserved for your caterer & parents
  15. Move your cake out of the sun or inside when it’s melting in the heat
  16. Clean and straighten up the bridal suite after the bridesmaids run off to pictures
  17. Transport bridal party’s personal items & bags that they don’t want to carry on the trolley or limo

    what does a wedding planner do

  18. Put bride’s veil on last minute because she forgot
  19. Change up your processional order because your groomsman got sick or missed his plane to the wedding
  20. Carries an extra flower girl basket for when yours disappears (more often than you’d think!)
  21. Provide water to the couple before or after they walk down the aisle and are overheating!
  22. Find & return missing items (phones, sunglasses, etc.) that are misplaced at the ceremony
  23. Greet the limo driver and give him the chilled champagne for the bridal party
  24. Set up your oreo/macaroon/cupcake tower
  25. Squeeze in an extra seat & place setting for a guest that didn’t RSVP
  26. Quickly remedy a situation without worrying the couple or family members
  27. Sneak the late cake delivery into reception during the ceremony so no one knows
  28. Clean stains off your wedding dress when accidents occur (ie, mud, food, etc.)
  29. Be the one to take the blame for your decisions that family members or guests may not like
  30. Clean spills off dance floor so the dancers don’t slip and fall
  31. Cut and serve the wedding cake when the couple forgets to add on the cake cutting fee with the caterer and they refuse to do it (although it shouldn’t happen because I confirm ahead of time!)
    what does a wedding planner do
  32. Help bustle the bride’s dress and find those invisible loops right before she enters the reception
  33. Place purses & phones at seats for mothers & bridesmaids so they won’t have to carry them during processional or introductions
  34. Flip your ceremony site to reception while guests are at cocktail hour
  35. Go on an emergency ice/cup run when the bartender runs out
  36. Have your cake knife, plate & napkins set out for cake cutting – and give you tips on cutting so it looks effortless
  37. Pick up random wine & beer glasses that guests leave on ledges, cocktail table, outside, etc.
  38. Stop children from popping balloon decor or touching the wedding cupcakes
  39. Quietly switch up formalities with the DJ because someone is missing
  40. Bus the head table before toasts (if caterer hasn’t gotten to it)
  41. Get a bridesmaid something sweet because her blood sugar is low and she’s light-headed
  42. Make sure your great aunt gets her heirloom cake server back
  43. Take trash out if it’s full and the caterer can’t/won’t get to it
  44. Clean wax off the venue floor so you don’t lose your deposit
  45. Put your gifts & cards in a safe place at end of the night
  46. Make arrangements for your baker to get their cake stand returned
  47. Assist designer/florist at the end of the reception collecting their rental pieces
  48. Light sparklers for your grand exit – and ensure guests have a bucket of water to put them in and don’t burn themselves
  49. Return your rhinestone flip flops after the wedding that you left under the sweetheart table
  50. Decorate your getaway car

Looking for someone to help you plan & coordinate your special day?

Whether it’s a year away or just a few weeks, we can help! If your wondering “what does a day of wedding coordinator do”, we are happy to answer your questions and help alleviate our wedding day stress.

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