Five Wedding Details Not to Overlook

Planning a wedding in an expensive endeavor! The key to sticking to your budget while still having the most beautiful wedding is knowing where to spend and where to skimp. These 5 categories not to skimp on for your wedding are really and truly worth the splurge.

5 Categories Not to Skimp on for your Wedding

1. Venue

Before scuffing at the price of a higher end venue, consider if it eliminates the need for extra lighting, decor & rentals (ie., tables, linens, tents and even portable bathrooms!)  Sometimes trying to save money by outsourcing components yourself ends up costing just as much, in addition to a bigger logistic headache.  If you start with a gorgeous canvas, it may look good even if there was nothing else in it – meaning you save money on less decor.  Be sure to factor in all components in your budget when comparing venues.

Venue: Woodstock Country Club; Photo: Traci & Troy

When looking for a venue, your guests’ comfort and safety should also be weighted in your decision. Make sure that the venue you choose can comfortably fit all of your guests and has climate control and appropriate parking.

Whether it be a great venue, private property or separate ceremony & reception sites, we can help. We work with couples at all types of venues to ensure everything comes together seamlessly.

Venue: Chatham Hills Barn at Lindley Farmstead; Photo: Ivan & Louise


 2. Photographer

You’ll cherish your wedding photos forever, so do your research and find a photographer that suits your style & personality not based on price. This is not the time to hire a budget photographer or friend with a cool camera. These are the images you’ll be showing your kids and grandkids, so you better love them! Professional photographers can also keep photos on schedule and protect images using multiple memory cards – and often a second shooter.

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3. Coordinator

Your wedding is probably the biggest event you’ll ever plan.  You’ve poured all your time, energy & money into planning your perfect day. A coordinator will ensure that all your pieces come together seamlessly without you or family having to mirco-manage or worry about logistics. Coordinators work hard behind the scenes so your guests can rave about “the best party ever”!
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Did you know?
On average we walk 20,000 steps per wedding. Imagine all the time & energy we save you & your family by transporting items, setting up, facilitating rehearsal & ceremony processional, distributing flowers, helping bridal party & family, assisting vendors and the list goes on and on….

4. Shoes

Photo by Rainstorm Photography

When your feet hurt, it’s hard to focus on anything else. And who needs that kind of distraction on your wedding day? Sure, those Pinterest-worthy shoes are beautiful in detail photos, but in the grand scheme of the day, rarely anyone notices those achy uncomfortable stilettos under your dress.  There are plenty of brands out there that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

Photo: 2 to 1 Photo

5. Your “Wish List” Item

Most couples have that one dream component they envision at their wedding. It could be a live band, a live painter, your dream dress, a pet at the wedding – regardless of what it is, it’s your chance to customize your special day (within reasonable budget, of course!) If you’ve envisioned your wedding with certain components, follow your heart. It’s your wedding and you deserve to make the day all about you!

The Bishops; Indiana Live Wedding Band

live indiana wedding painter

Whether you are just beginning planning or counting down the final months, we have custom packages to help bring your dream wedding to life. From guided planning, vendor referrals, timelines, layouts, setup & tear down & wedding day coordination, we work with you to alleviate your stress and enjoy a joyful wedding. We will work with you to focus on these 5 categories not to skimp on for your wedding – plus more!

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